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Developed by a speech-language pathologist for speech-language-pathologists, our ever-growing library of interactive activities is engineered to be a one stop shop for digital and dynamic speech and language activities.

Interactive Tools for Speech & Language

More than just activities, our game library is the result of ten years of successful software development by Smarty Ears, trusted by hundreds of thousands of speech-language-pathologists around the world.  Our activities target a variety of speech and language goals and objectives with many more games and activities added weekly. 

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Customizable Avatars

Customize an avatar for every child using a variety of options including body, hair, eyes, lips, skin, and accessories.

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Syllable Splash
Areas of Need: Literacy/Phonological Awareness

The purpose for Syllable Splash is to encourage literacy skills and phonological awareness. Phonological awareness and syllable knowledge are important for breaking long words into readable chunks. Many children without these skills may resort to guessing or bypassing the word completely. In addition, Syllable counting is an integral skill necessary for the Kindergarten/First grade Language Foundations area of the Common Core State Standards. Syllable Splash allows the parent, SLP, or teacher to teach this basic skill which many children lack. When the adult continues asking questions about the picture, the student is encouraged to expand their language skills.

Category: Language, Literacy

With five (5) levels of stories available, the Reading Comprehension Camp activity has stories for most readers. Level 1 is designed for early readers (2nd & 3rd grade). Level 5 has a Flesch-Kincaid readability level of 6th-7th grade and is designed for older students. Use the built-in recording of the stories to work on auditory comprehension or as a model of good intonation and inflection. Every story contains 11 types of questions to test comprehension. Encourage your students to look back in the text, or provide additional scaffolding for the reader who is struggling with comprehension.

Reading Comprehensions
Wh Questions
Category: Language

Practicing answering questions is important for any child’s language development. Many children with a communication or a language delay often have difficulty answering simple WH Questions such as “What is your name?” or “What is this?” These basic communication skills are often an even greater challenge for children with autism. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, WH Questions features over 400 WH opportunities to answer and ask real-world questions. With beautifully designed fun illustrations, and versatile yet real world questions, WH Questions is a “go-to” for helping students attain proficiency at asking and answering basic questions.

“I love using this app with my 3-5 year old speech kiddos. They enjoy being able to say or select their answer and I enjoy the variety of questions that can be targeted…”
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“I love using this with my younger kids with decontextualized WH question goals. The visuals help giving them choices. It’s even a great review tool for some of my older kids as I have them explain their answer choices.”
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“Most of the kiddos that are working on wh questions have difficulty switching between the different types of questions. This app makes it very easy and my students love to see the pictures and use them as cues. Another great app!”
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Category: Language, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

One of Smarty Ears leading iPad/iPhone apps is now available to anyone with a subscription to the Speech & Language Academy. This activity is designed to support children with limited verbal language, including children with language delays, autism, and who are beginning to learn to use visual support to communicate. Children who are communicating at the one word phrase (using one word to express wants and needs) will benefit from listening and practicing to combine words to form short, two-word phrases such as the ones included here.

Talkie Tot
“As a pediatric SLP, this is a great app! I love the two word core phrases and using actions with nouns so early.”
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“Great for early communicators. I’m a pediatric SLP. I love this app!!”
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Articulation, Phonology & Apraxia Games

Category: Articulation / Phonology

Flashcards are a time-tested tool for learning. The articulation flashcards activity allows targeting of consonants, digraphs or consonant clusters as well as their position (initial, medial or final) and number of syllables. Words can be presented singularly or as part of a phrase or sentence. Students can benefit from built in audio for each flashcard or can turn on pre-recorded video cues for each flashcard. A simple interface allows the student to record audio or video of themselves for student self-monitoring.

Category: Articulation / Phonology

An entertaining matching game you can take anywhere, without the cumbersome stack of cards. Select a phoneme by choosing a target of consonants, digraphs or consonant clusters as well as their position (initial, medial or final). You can even select a specific number of syllables before starting the exercise. Turn on audio or video recording at the click of a button for student self-monitoring.

Category: Articulation / Phonology, Language & Literacy

Created specifically to help children improve their speech sound production. Includes 72 stunning scenes and is perfect for all levels of articulation/phonology therapy. Follow up questions about each story target the chosen phoneme. Potential targets include consonants, digraphs, and consonant clusters. The perfect activity for the busy speech-language pathologist, teacher or parent.

Category: Articulation / Phonology

The Sound Windows activity was designed to help students practice individual sounds and syllables. Each window contains animations for vowels and consonants to provide a great animated visual aid for phoneme production. For individuals with a camera, Sound Windows allows the player to activate the camera and monitor their own productions while following the visual prompt.

Category: Articulation / Phonology, Language

Tired of practicing in the same “flashcard style?” Well, guess what? – We’ve got something even better. How about a guessing game where your students work on articulation and language skills at the same time? Use questions to elicit the target word and experience an activity often used by clinicians with mixed groups of articulation and language students.

Guess What Game
Words Farm
Category: Articulation / Phonology

In the Words Farm, the player can learn and practice multi-syllabic word production by combining words from the farm house. The player can choose to repeat words and syllable structure for each area or change the options for maximum growth. Fully customizable by sound groups, number of syllables, and syllable structure, the Words Farm is the another step toward completing sentences.

Continuously Updated

We are constantly updating our library with new additions. Our team of developers are working diligently behind the scenes to  bring new activities to the platform. With weekly updates, you’ll always have new tools at your disposal to keep your students engaged.