A proven approach to Build Speech Therapy Platform with language technology for over 13 years

Speech and Language Academy is the best of what Smarty Ears has learned, developed, and improved since its inception. A company led by a speech-language Pathologist on a mission to change lives with this online speech therapy platform.

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We are Committed to providing the best technology to promote speech, language and communication

The first step in creating a successful speech therapy software company in the EdTech space is understanding that educators live in the age of technology, but the market functions at least two decades behind. This has created a void that allows larger companies, with existing connections to schools, to offer mediocre resources and continue to keep education behind. Smaller speech therapy platform businesses, such as Smarty Ears, end up caught in the paradigm of creating innovation with tele practice for SLPs that finally brings education to the current timeline, but is dependent on organic growth without larger capital for sales infrastructure.

Therapists and educators have sustained Smarty Ears sales with purchases from their own pockets signaling that they see the cost-benefit of Smarty Ears technology.”

Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Ears CEO

Values we live by



As an ever growing platform, our goal is to continue to expand our features indefinitely into the future. Our partners can provide important insights into their needs. Do you have an idea that we could collaborate on? Message us!


We don't do mediocre technology

We are small but we are mighty. We only create the best teletherapy technology you will find available. The value of the content and how we present it is unlike anything you will find elsewhere among speech therapy platforms.


Constantly improving

What you see on our platform today is only the tip of iceberg. Come back to our website next week and you will see how we are constantly improving our technology and content to make it the best teletherapy platform.

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help your team of speech-language pathologists provide the best support for their students

our consultants

Our consultants are ready to provide demos of our platform, walk you through the process of integrating SLA anywhere.

Leadership Team

Creating a vision for what the future can look like is the driving force for our leadership team. What you see from Smarty Ears can be a vision of your future.

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The Smarty Ears Dream Team

Barbara Fernandes Smarty Ears

Barbara Fernandes

SLP Founder & CEO

A Speech-Language Pathologist Visionary who transformed an entire field with impactful technology.

Jonathan Fernandes Smarty Ears

Jonathan Fernandes

Director of Customer happiness

An educator made director who cares and understands the needs of Smarty Ears customers.


Melkon Chilingaryan

lead Developer

A developer who has managed to keep up with a CEO and her unlimited ideas for new features.


Tracie Heckenlively

Regional Sales Director( Midwest)

An SLP supervisor of our sales team in the midwest region.

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Chelsea McElwain

Midwest Sales Consultant

A dynamic consultant ready to showcase how your district or clinic can integrate Speech and Language Academy.


Do you love talking about technology? Join smarty ears as a sales consultant

We will provide training to help you build your own business around selling Speech and Language Academy to Schools and Clinics around the world. The requirement: Love technology and our products!