About Speech and Language academy

Our technology is too complex to be explained in a seven-minute video. Nonetheless, we tried to give you an overview of what you will be exposed to within access to our software and service platform and what kind of speech therapy programs you will be offered:


Add an Unlimited Number of Student Profiles

Add New Students
Add New Students
Add New Students

Quickly and easily add new students to your account and the system will start tracking their activities individually.

Customizable Avatars
Customize Student Avatar
Customizable Avatars

Customize an avatar for every child using a variety of options including body, hair, eyes, lips, skin, and accessories.

Student Selection
Student Selection

Before starting an activity, select your students. All data will be tracked individually for each student.

Student Tracking

No more manual tracking. All activities are individually tracked for each student automatically. Now it's easy to see what areas need focus.

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Build student profiles for Speech Therapy Programs

Student Registration 

Clinicians are able to create a profile for each child on their caseload. You can select from an array of options and elements to make the most out of your time.

All the data is protected and private. Information regarding the child’s Language and Dialect is used when customizing the child’s activities.

Build Avatars for your students
“Look! That looks like me!”

As a speech-language pathologist, you know the importance of children seeing themselves represented within their games. We have incorporated gaming techniques to allow you to personalize the experience for each client by building a unique avatar.

Children and adults alike will be delighted by the experience.


Select from hundreds of starter goals from our goal bank library
Each category contains hundreds of starter goals

We understand that you should not have to start from scratch when children’s difficulties fall within a profile that you are familiar with. We have a goal bank available to you as a starting point. You can select the goals, customize them or add your own goal.

Add your custom Goal or Existing Goal for each client 
Got students with existing goals? Not problem! You can add them as you wish.  This will also allow your library of goals to grow overtime.
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The Activities in Speech Therapy Programs

They say there is an app for everything! You don't need all those, when you have an app that covers everything you need!

Game Example: Articulation Flashcards
Flashcards are a time-tested tool for learning. The articulation flashcards activity allows targeting of consonants, digraphs or consonant clusters as well as their position (initial, medial or final) and number of syllables. Words can be presented singularly or as part of a phrase or sentence. Students can benefit from built-in audio for each flashcard or can turn on video modeling for each target word! A simple interface allows the student to record audio or video of themselves for student self-monitoring.
Game Example: Language Empires 

One of Smarty Ears’ most loved and comprehensive apps is now available on Speech and Language Academy too. You can use one of its 8 games on SLA with the added benefit of seven languages options! 

Game: Rhyming Identification

In Rhyming Identification, the player is asked to identify if three words rhyme. An audio clip plays each of the words while the corresponding picture is highlighted. If the words rhyme, the player taps the green “rhyme” button. If they do not rhyme, the player taps the red “not” button. A visual representation of the number correct shows on the screen.

Example: Social Quest

Social Navigating through the vast and complex world of social norms and expectations can feel stressful, and overwhelming; Social Quest is an app that is designed to help students who struggle with social situations reflect, predict, and practice good social etiquette and problem solving skills within everyday life so that they feel better prepared and less stressed as they encounter social situations in real life.

Speech and Language Academy Includes all Smarty Ears Games you already love. We have so many games that we needed a dedicated page for them! 



Data Tracking

We got your back!

You do the therapy. We will handle the data.

Tracking data is important in understanding how a child is progressing in therapy. When it gets in the way of your work, it becomes a nuisance.  We got you!

Home Speech Therapy Programs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a company actually thought about how important family participation is and designed a system to facilitate collaboration between therapists and families with a state-of-the-art home speech therapy program? At Smarty Ears, we are aware that caretakers can have a significant impact on progress. That’s why we have a system in which families can be assigned activities, caretakers guide the child through a practice session and the data is displayed on the therapist dashboard. Children no longer have to be subjected to boring and repetitive copies of word lists that are sent home, they can actually play the same games that will promote progress at home.

Therapists assign specific games to students and set up the work cycle
Students login at home and see their scheduled games